Use this platform to find a little inspiration from books, YouTube channels, and other resources on designing the perfect outdoor space for your home.


This platform has hundreds of ideas and DIY projects for people who are interested in designing and renovating their own outdoor spaces. Find garden designs, outdoor projects, garden art, patio designs, and a whole lot more by searching for ideas on Pinterest.

Pine and Prospect Home

This YouTube channel discusses hundreds of interesting DIY projects for your home and outdoor space. Watch step-by-step guides for outdoor projects that you can be proud of. Whether you need to get your backyard ready for summer or winter, this channel has got you covered.

The Family Handyman

This site features skilled DIY professionals who can show you neat tricks when tending to your outdoor spaces. Install outdoor faucets, build tool sheds, and construct a fire ring in the backyard. There is almost nothing the Family Handyman can’t do. Use these expert tips to get the job done.

Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual

This book by Reader’s Digest presents readers with hundreds of techniques, materials, tips, and guidance from experts to make household improvements and repairs by yourself. Look through over 2,200 photos, illustrations, diagrams, and charts to help you with your DIY projects.

The Big Book of Gazebos, Pergolas, and Other Backyard Architecture by Tom Denlick

Are you planning to build a gazebo in your backyard? Look at more than 400 photos featuring gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor constructions. This illustrated glossary gives a reader everything they need to create a more interesting landscape in their own backyard.

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