Gazebos and patios have been adding something special to outdoor spaces and backyards for centuries. Few people are aware of how long exactly this nifty outdoor structure has been around and where its origins lie. There are mentions and sources that show the use of gazebo-like structures from ancient Greece, Persia, Egypt, and Rome. The earliest mention of such a useful contraption goes as far back as the 4th century when countries like Medieval Europe, Japan, and China used gazebos for a range of occasions. The gazebo is a flexible structure that was initially installed using sticks or stones to hold up material from theRead More →

Few people can afford the luxury of hand-crafted furniture, but there is no denying the advantages of owning hand-crafted furniture to spoil visitors to your home. This section explores the 3 major advantages of purchasing hand-crafted patio furniture. Unique Designs and Customisations The biggest attraction for people who are looking to invest in hand-crafted furniture is the ability to design something original that meets a person’s unique needs. Professional furniture makers and designers can create masterpieces in a variety of styles, shapes and with most materials. The price of hand-crafted furniture may depend on the specific design or the material being used. Professional crafters canRead More →